Local Business – Community Spirit – Sponsor: Derek Madden and Company

Local businesses that showed Community Spirit. Businesses that looked after their staff or looked after their local community.

Local Business – Pivoting – Sponsor: Climatech

Small Businesses that pivoted during lockdown to help the community

Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture organisations that did something special in 2020/2021
Art galleries, musicians, DJs that gave so much to entertain us


Fundraising: Innovative or impressive fundraising by Cork NGOs 2020/2021

Public Service

Public Service Orgs doing amazing things in 2020/2021
Garda, Fire that did community minded things in Cork

Voluntary Orgs

Voluntary Orgs doing amazing things in 2020/2021

Communicators – Sponsor: HOLLYWOOD LED LETTERS

People that created and shared good factual information over the past 18 months.


Teacher – Primary, Secondary
Creating new curricula, doing zoom classes for example
Keeping the kids engaged

Content Creators – Sponsor: VUDINI.AI

Those that did music, made entertaining websites, did fun videos.

Rebel Thinking

People or businesses that came up with interesting or different ideas in the past 18 months. Could be a product, a service, an initiative.

A nod beyond Cork – Sponsor: BLACKNIGHT SOLUTIONS

Recognising people and organisations beyond Cork who did amazing things that made an impact